Branded By Constellations – Poem


One breath spanning a thousand years
Took the eremite’s boat
To raise his cell upon the rock

To where star-spread crossings mirror tracks
Woven to a moorland shrine

And where the stars change places with the falling snow:
A net of light to sail his Earth by.

After the Sun, the sea hush
And dragons take the forms of cloud
To begin the silent procession bathed in cerulean
And royal yellow glowings.

No water drunk, nor hunting of birds:
Faith-fed alone,
And crouched solely in Earth’s light
He recites

And the metallic water flows from the nebulae of wounds:
This, the eremite seeks to wash away memory.

A hymn before dawn, chanted in starvation
A bell rippling out beyond the sea –
Yet, unknowingly, the grail is in the moments between:

A moment’s splinter when the abyss floods, letting God go
Before ritual, routine, twitches into the dark.

And so, a memory now branded by constellations, upon soil and sea.

There are no years to endure, no self to suffer
He, a wraith of belief, will vanish
Whilst the one seal, the one guga remain in cycles forever:
Earth tunnels eternity.

There was a meeting place which brought its becoming
Where one season spread into another
By tumbling Earth, thrown into place, a many-keyed face
Unlocked by the hand of a great chasmic sky

He walked out into the abyss of God
In prayer, trying not to wait

Then an enclosing, a silence
The sea.


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