Richard Moult

Hroan Of The Ceri Forest (Part Three)


A track from the newly expanded and remastered ‘Chamber Music’.


In her onying, she was called to leave before dawn
To pass The Rubicon of Long Pike Hollow
With an ash crucifix held beneath her black pilch

Years had passed since wanderings on Rhos y Beddau
Where once the hills had opened their faces
To shew her The Within
And her screams were relinquished, unheard,
Into the roar of the clouds

And so finally led here, to the Forest
She lets go into its deeper night:

Overhead, Seren y Pegwyn, through the branch mesh
Ahead, the cloisters between the pines
Beneath, slept upon by layers of soil and rocks,
A vessel which no fox would unearth.

“No further,” spoke the night-pressed air
Which concealed the birds
Who beheld from their own country, unveiled and unknowable;
Yet they would meet with us in the borderlands –
But always our striving turned us away
To pour fire upon fire.

Of the realms savage in being, we can be of them
An exile to a house made for us by the branches
And remain, ever deeper into forgetting

Or, turn our eyes above, a fraction of a dream before we fall
Our city made for us by the stars which rush to conjoin
And remain, ever deeper into forgetting

In her onying, crucifix-held
No severance – nothing lost or left behind:
The Way of Paradox unfolded forever before her.

As Sol woke Autumn in the leaves, the angel stood waiting.
Transfigured, she touched its outstretched hand
And in the dawn and the gentlest of breezes
Both disappeared

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